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Real Restoration Group is a proven professional construction and restoration services company dedicated to surpassing its clients’ expectations. We have more than 100+ years of collective experience in every facet of full service construction and restoration.  For every job, we hand pick our professional trades. We believe that building a best-of-breed team for a specific client is the best way to control costs, time, and quality.  Our clients’ best interests are always at the forefront of every decision we make — whether on a design drawing or a nailhead strike.  It is this care and dedication to our clients that make us who we are — a talented group of men and women who are well-trained, hard working, and filled with pride to work in the Real Restoration Group.

We are nearly all home-grown Chicagoans.  When we were young, most of us trained with our fathers with tiny hammers and big goals.  So many years later, we have developed a larger family of trades–from Real Restoration to Real HVAC to Real Millwork to Real Plumbing to Real Roofing to Real Emergency Services.   This collective is the fruit of years of training and dedication and perseverance.  Every day we put on our uniforms, we are inspired to do great work.  And we believe the quality of our work is seen in and between every floor board and every roof tile.

As a professional construction and restoration team, we have worked on THOUSANDS of residential and commercial properties.  We have built new homes; restored homes (from fire, wind, mold , and water damage); and otherwise remodeled homes all over the Chicagoland area.  Likewise, we have built or rebuilt offices, restaurants, retail centers, nightclubs, industrial parks, and countless other property types.   Our concentration on residential and commercial spaces allows us to professionally manage our clients’ plans within budget, on-time, and with extraordinary quality.

As for our emergency services group, we are always ready — 24 hours, 7 days per week.   In the big picture, we have team members who control damages to residential and commercial properties caused by fire, wind and water, and we do everything we can to assist our clients through these frightening events.  There is virtually nothing we have not seen in terms of damages caused by fire, flood, wind, or other disasters.  There is virtually nothing we cannot overcome to help restore the lives of our clients.

“Working with Clients and Partners to Stabilize and Improve Their Properties.”

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"Real Restoration consistently meets their clients’ needs in a timely manner, often completing work well before the deadline. Their work is also of top quality; the materials used are of a high grade, which really makes a difference. Their staff is also extremely courteous and professional, as well as safety oriented. Real Restoration is highly communicative throughout the repair process. I am confident that Real Restoration will provide you with the same exceptional service and will deliver the same results. They treat each job as if it was their only project and again, their work and care really shows in the final product."

− Menash Zadik, Rising Realty

"Real Restoration has always been thorough, punctual, dependable, and able to provide a high quality of service every time that we have contacted them. They are always friendly and willing to assist in any way that they can. They strive to get things done the right way, at top notch quality, and most importantly within the confines of the deadlines that are given to them."

− Lucie Kim, Baird & Warner

"Real Restoration Group has a high standard for the work they do, and have never failed to complete our projects. They have a well-established team that work in a professional & efficient manner, and keep clients informed throughout the process.
We strongly recommend Real Restoration Group for any size project because we believe they have the skills and staff to perform."

− Gaspar Flores & Gaspar Flores Jr, Su Familia Real Estate